Instagram Makes a Snap...I Mean Splash with New Stories Feature

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    August 10, 2016

Instagram Makes a Snap...I Mean Splash with New Stories Feature

Social Media

Recently, Instagram rolled out Instagram Stories, a feature that gives users the opportunity to share all the moments of their day, not just iconic square snapshots found on personal profile pages.

Much like rival platform Snapchat, users can now post multiple photos and videos to their Story, and the content will appear in a combined slideshow format for 24 hours for friends to view. However Instagram is primarily a one-way, follower-oriented platform, while the more casual Snapchat is know for personal, one-on-one communication. 

Instagram executives acknowledge “lifecasting” as an increasingly mainstream behavior pattern. Rather than capturing and posting a single photo to Instagram, users want constant connection with a wider audience. Users, especially on Instagram, hope to break down cultural barriers by connecting and sharing with people across the globe. Additionally, developers believe the Instagram Stories feature will ease oversharing and lack-of-like anxieties among its youthful audience.

3 Reasons Why Instagram Stories Works for Brands and Influencers 


Long story short: more eyeballs, more often. Instagram has more than 300 million daily users in comparison to Snapchat’s 150 million, and Instagram is notably more brand friendly. Instagram’s Discover tab makes it easy for users to search and find brands, and the platform’s like and comment option gives brands the means to measure social campaign results.

Instagram’s Stories feature gives brands the opportunity to get up close and personal with followers. Brands no longer have to worry about overposting and oversharing on the platform. Instead, they can live stream events, product launches, video shoots and anecdotes that make them more accessible and relevant to their customers, partners and fans.

Influencers are already discovering ways they can supplement their traditional Instagram content by exposing the process for a planned photo post. They captivate their followers with behind-the-scenes videos and photos, as well as a discussion of the image creation process. Brands want to become a part of their consumers’ everyday lives, and Instagram Stories is the newest way to do it.


Recently, Instagram released a suite of business services to further entice brands hoping to reach their target consumer through increased contact and connection, as well as paid initiatives.

According to Instagram, advertising on the platform should be at the forefront of every marketing mind, as at least half of its users follow a brand and more than half say they learn about products on the platform. Instagram gives brands the opportunity to boost sales through sleek advertisements that appear seamlessly in a user’s newsfeed. Users can then choose to follow, shop with or learn more about the brand.

This is where Snapchat and Instagram diverge. While on Instagram, users are open to learning about new products, brands, influencers and inspiration. However, on Snapchat, users are largely focused on interactions with their personal friends. Users may follow a celebrity or brand, but they are not typically looking to the platform for information on products; rather, they are hoping for an inside scoop.

Camera Quality

What Instagram Stories lacks in Emojis, Bitmojis and Filters, it makes up for in higher-quality video production. The camera itself is cleaner and higher resolution than many competitors.

Brands in particular enjoy this higher resolution, as they are able to professionally display products and branded events. In the home category, sharp images are a necessity. Consumers want to work with high-quality, conscientious brands that will make their most personal space beautiful, comfortable and welcoming.

Moral of the story? If your brand has a comprehensive Snapchat content strategy and engaged audience, keep Snapping! However, if you are having trouble connecting with the Snapchat audience or have not yet experimented with Snapchat, you may want to encourage your consumers to follow your brand on Instagram for live video and photo updates. Fewer social media platforms can benefit brands, because fewer platforms equal less time spent drafting posts and ensuring brand consistency.

Comedian, actor and social influencer Kevin Hart is one of thousands who have found plenty to love about Instagram Stories, and he took to the platform to drop the mic on Snapgate 2016: “What I love is there’s still a major separation between the two [Instagram and Snapchat]. I don’t feel like I have to choose, because I feel like these are two separate entities, and they’re both amazing, which means that I’m going to get the best of both worlds. Dope.” 

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