Infographic: Should I Put All of My Money in Online Advertising?

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    November 19, 2014

Infographic: Should I Put All of My Money in Online Advertising?

Paid Media

Consumer research has pointed for years to one inexorable fact: customers are spending more and more time online. It follows that marketers are spending more and more of their money there, too.

What research doesn’t support is the current marketing trend of sacrificing a meaningful print impact for an online presence.

This Wray Ward infographic asks – and answers – the question, “Should I put all of my money in online?”.

Online & Print Infographic

Marketers are aware of the time their customers spend online; as a result, some are planning to divert money away from traditional forms of advertising, like print.


Yet, print advertising still plays an important role in the customer journey, triggering the initial stages of interest, inspiration and imagination.


And consumers are actually most receptive to print advertising in magazines.


Both home-enthusiast consumers and trade audiences prefer a combination of print and online media to find new products and conduct research.


Both consumer and trade audiences use a combination of media, including print and online, during each stage of their customer journey.



The best approach employs print and online media strategically throughout the customer journey, first to awaken interest and inspire customers, and then to move them toward a purchase.

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