The End of a Series, but Not the End of Our Support

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    COVID-19 Response

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    June 26, 2020

The End of a Series, but Not the End of Our Support

COVID-19 Response

As I’ve often said throughout almost four months of helping produce comprehensive POV reports on the marketing impacts of COVID-19, it’s been a wild ride. That isn’t changing: In fact, the opposite is quite true, as the coronavirus pandemic will surely continue to influence the U.S. and global economies and human lives well into the back half of 2020 (and perhaps for years to come).

With that said, Week 15 marks the end of a series that, since mid-March, has been a mainstay for our clients and many other marketers within and outside the home and building category. With all 50 states now in some stage of reopening and many industries, including construction and housing, making a comeback, we believe it’s the right time to pull back.

First, though, here are 10 highlights from the final POV (you can also download the full version for free):

As of June 26:

  1. Total U.S. COVID-19 cases continue to climb, reaching 2.4 million on June 26. (Johns Hopkins)
  2. The latest available insured unemployment rate data sits at 13.4%, a 0.5% improvement from the previous week. (Department of Labor)
  3. Existing home sales fell in May, but new home sales jumped. (National Association of Home Builders)
  4. Construction activity may be approaching pre-pandemic levels in the majority of U.S. states and cities. (Construction Dive)
  5. Nearly three-fourths of homeowners are planning to renovate their homes in 2020. (Remodeling)
  6. Homeowners are now reportedly placing a higher value on privacy in their homes. (Remodeling)
  7. Homeowners expect to move forward with 70% of postponed kitchen and bath projects by the end of 2020. (National Kitchen & Bath Association)
  8. #StopHateForProfit is gaining momentum. Every advertiser who utilizes the Facebook platform needs a strategy for July. (Stop Hate for Profit)
  9. Google ad revenue in the U.S. will decline for the first time since it has been tracked. (MediaPost)
  10. Meredith’s programmatic ad prices have rebounded to higher than pre-COVID-19 levels. (Digiday)

While you won’t see a Week 16 POV, Wray Ward remains committed to staying in front of changing market conditions, providing solid counsel to businesses and keeping them informed. Need help? Our teams are here to help you think strategically and activate swiftly while finding creative solutions to the challenges that may be changing by the hour.

We would be honored to help you determine what’s next for your brand. If you’d like to schedule a free consultation with Wray Ward, please reach out to my colleague Kent Panther.

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