Delivering Better Performing Work in a Changing Marketing Landscape

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    June 06, 2019

Delivering Better Performing Work in a Changing Marketing Landscape

Agency News

Last month, in my blog post about our future home in Charlotte’s FreeMoreWest area, I reflected on the constancy of change. Wray Ward’s incredible growth inspired and necessitated our 2020 move to a transformative new space. But just as change is part of WHERE we do business, it’s also part of HOW we do business.

That’s why we’re making moves that empower us to continue developing fresh, relevant and highly efficient ways of delivering great creative work that gets results.

These moves serve our need to deploy new agency capabilities and resources in a rapidly changing and dynamic environment. Within this landscape, our clients are always on, and if marketing never really stops, exceptional delivery is critical. 

That’s where our talented project managers, producers, resource managers, digital ad ops managers and quality assurance (QA) keepers come into play. They’re the backbone of this agency — the everyday heroes with the passion and chops for activating and achieving a vision. They’re the conductor that allows process and creativity to exist in harmony. From start to finish, they’re the exceptional talent making sure all of our projects are delivered with the highest degree of quality, on time and on budget.

Their value coupled with our agency’s continued growth means they need a champion — a champion committed to leading a united team whose indispensable parts used to be spread across multiple departments.

Adam Bartimmo is that champion, and I’m thrilled to introduce him as Wray Ward’s new vice president, director of delivery. With extensive experience identifying and optimizing tools and talent for successful agencies and corporations, he’s primed to bring the dual functions of activation and delivery under one umbrella and connect the dots. With leadership from Adam, our production and resource director and our new group project management directors, this team will own responsibility for the delivery of Better Performing Work. In an upcoming blog post, you’ll have the chance to hear from Adam and learn more about his perspective and vision. 

Change is everywhere we turn, but some things won’t change at all: Wray Ward’s “We, Not Me” mentality, our commitment to Better Performing Work and our fearless pledge to always ask “What if?”

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