Celebrate America’s Birth with “Uncharted Waters,” Presented by Sunbrella®

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    July 04, 2016

Celebrate America’s Birth with “Uncharted Waters,” Presented by Sunbrella®

Video Production

Content Lead Dana Haydock is the driving force behind content initiatives such as Future of Shade for Sunbrella® and Why Skylights for VELUX®. A former journalist, she has easily adapted to telling stories through video and written content and spearheads the ideas and collaboration of Wray Ward’s motion producers, art directors and writers for content programs. Haydock produced "Uncharted Waters," a project with US Sailing Team Sperry made possible by Sunbrella. 

Our country is inextricably linked to the sea. From the first explorers who risked everything by sailing across the Atlantic in search of new lands to naval battles that helped decide the Revolutionary War, the United States is defined by vast oceans that set our country apart and link us to the world.

For many, the nautical tradition remains strong. Life on the water represents freedom, whether it’s enjoying a raucous holiday with your family on the lake or sailing off the coast on a quiet pleasure cruise.

Now that you’ve celebrated the Fourth of July, extend the festivity by watching a film about America’s sailing team. We created “Uncharted Waters” in collaboration with our client Sunbrella, a gold level sponsor of US Sailing Team Sperry and a brand with strong roots in the sailing and larger marine enthusiast world.

The documentary tells the story of a handful of competitive sailors in pursuit of an audacious dream: A chance to represent their country this summer on the starting line of the biggest race offered by the sport of high performance sailing.

You’ll learn about Olympic- and Paralympic-class sailing, a sport that focuses on small sailboats sailed by one-, two- or three-person crews. They not only battle each other to finish first, but contend with Mother Nature on a playing field where the wind and water currents can change at a moment’s notice. 

The documentary takes viewers behind-the-scenes with the athletes on their journey. You’ll notice these athletes share traits that have made our country great: Fierce independence. Sacrifice for a dream. Teamwork in pursuit of a lofty goal.

We hope the story fuels your patriotic flame.

Uncharted Waters - The Documentary from Uncharted Waters on Vimeo


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