Case Study: WIX Filters Social Media

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    Recent Work, Social Media

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    June 24, 2015

Case Study: WIX Filters Social Media

Recent Work, Social Media

Public relations account manager Meara Lyons leads social media strategy and execution for WIX Filters. 

Whether it's for automotive, diesel, racing, agricultural or industrial applications, WIX Filters is dedicated to producing the best performing, most reliable filters in the world. WIX stands for quality, innovation, experience, power and knowledge – and racing. In the early 1960s, Richard Petty began using WIX filters, and a new audience was introduced: race fans. Since then, WIX has partnered with racing at every level including NASCAR, NHRA and the Red Bull Global Rallycross series.

With the help of WIX-sponsored drivers like Ryan Newman, Brendan Gaughan and Cruz Pedregon and their large audiences, WIX’s social media has exploded over the past five years. For example, #NewmanNation is a passionate, loyal group of Ryan Newman fans who constantly interact with and promote the WIX brand.

Team WIX is another dedicated, active group on social media. Now 20,000-plus members strong, Team WIX is a program for local grassroots race car drivers across the country. They get WIX decals, t-shirts and discounts on products, and we show them lots of love. Working with them is a powerful brand-builder for WIX.  

So when it comes to building a comprehensive, strategic social media plan, WIX Filters has a lot of opportunities to capitalize on and multiple audiences to reach. This is what makes WIX’s social content so exciting – the possibilities are endless. 

The Goal

When we first set out to create a unified social media campaign in 2010, the goal was clear: increase exposure of the brand while engaging with our customers and fans. We sought to give the WIX Filters brand a reliable, approachable voice, eager to share the latest product information and racing news in one place.

The Strategy

We started where most begin: Facebook and Twitter. Working from an ongoing editorial calendar, we share an extensive variety of content:

  • Product information
  • Industry trends
  • Racing news
  • Weekly sweepstakes for our race fans and committed DIYers

We’ve also established a robust advertising campaign to maximize the reach of giveaways and stories that illustrate WIX’s partnership with popular race teams.

We post four to six times a day and engage with fans, responding to comments, likes, shares, favorites, retweets and DMs whenever possible. If there’s a product question, we get it answered. Looking for info on an upcoming race? We’ll find it. Need fleet management trends? We’ll tap into our WIX experts for the latest news. We strive to not only share content, but be a resource to those who need us.

WIX also has an incredible brand champion in “Hummer Bob,” a mobile marketing genius who travels across the U.S. and Canada visiting auto shops and getting to know WIX’s customers one-on-one. He loves what he does – and people love meeting and interacting with him – so he’s a natural fit for ongoing social media content.

In more recent years, we’ve expanded our presence to YouTube and Instagram to not only capture a larger audience, but also one that’s trending younger. The Red Bull Global Rallycross series has a much younger fan base than NASCAR, and WIX’s ongoing partnership with SH Rallycross and Nelson Piquet, Jr. has perfectly expanded the brand’s reach.

The Results

The results speak for themselves:

  • Since 2010, WIX’s Facebook page has grown from 600 likes to more than 53,000.
  • The WIX Twitter account has almost 5,000 followers.
  • The brand’s YouTube videos have amassed over 96,000 views.
  • In just the past six months, WIX’s Instagram account has more than doubled.

With the ever-changing landscape of social media, we continue to test new features and tools. If something isn’t as successful as we’d like, we learn and adjust accordingly. And when something really works—like video advertising on Facebook—we run with it.

Through our strong partnership with the client team, WIX’s digital footprint is a growing, smart, flexible, dynamic entity. It reflects a brand that isn’t afraid to be bold, while staying true to its incredibly loyal fan base. We are excited about what’s next. 

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