A Campaign Built to Tame the Branding Beast

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    October 31, 2022

A Campaign Built to Tame the Branding Beast

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When IDEX Fire & Safety approached Wray Ward in 2021, the conglomerate was seeking a paid media campaign that would drive people to its website and build brand awareness with its target audiences — firetruck original equipment manufacturers, fire and rescue truck dealers, and end users such as fire departments and first responders.

IDEX Fire & Safety consists of 11 sub-brands that manufacture and sell a significant amount of the equipment used to outfit modern firetrucks and ambulances. While this offers customers an extensive catalog of fire and safety products, the company needed an advertising message that better encompassed how the IDEX Fire & Safety family of trusted brands works together to deliver comprehensive solutions that help customers manage complex problems.

To accomplish this goal, the team at Wray Ward immersed themselves in market research, seeking out insights about what drives the purchasing decisions of IDEX Fire & Safety’s target customers and how to reach these key decision-makers. This research informed a campaign that differentiated IDEX Fire & Safety in the fire safety and rescue equipment marketplace.

Delivering a Creative Concept That Heats up the Market

The result of that collaboration and hard work went to market in the summer of 2022, with IDEX Fire & Safety launching its new advertising campaign anchored by the tagline “Tame the Beast.”

The advertising speaks to firefighters and first responders. It says that IDEX Fire & Safety has the equipment to help them do their jobs and save lives — including their own. Every day, they face the beast of fire, and while they might feel alone, they aren’t because IDEX Fire & Safety has their back with industry-leading fire and safety products.

To bring this idea to life, the creative work also introduced a captivating image of a fireman staring down the menacing “face” of a five-alarm fire. Running in print and online, the ad quickly began to deliver on its goal of engaging people and driving them to the IDEX Fire & Safety website.

But that’s when Wray Ward’s Analytics and Performance team discovered a completely different menace: a bounce rate of over 90%, which meant people engaging with the ad weren’t spending any time on the IDEX Fire & Safety website once they landed there. The website, which the company launched several years ago, lacked any elements of the new advertising. This, in turn, created a disconnect for visitors and derailed the buyer’s journey.

Innovating to Improve the Digital Journey

With the campaign already in-market, a redesign of the entire IDEX Fire & Safety website wasn’t an option. Instead, Wray Ward recommended creating a landing page that would visually align with the advertising and create a more robust experience for visitors to explore.

The new site took the ad’s fireman versus fire image and animated it into a live graphic that immediately captures the attention of anyone who visits the page.

“We wanted to very intentionally continue the unique branded visuals and messaging of the ad campaign onto the landing page to create a more cohesive user journey,” said Wray Ward’s Jon Vargas, senior digital designer. “In the process of doing that, we found the design of the campaign lent itself well to elevating the experience through animation.

“As we explored bringing the scene to life through animation, including the fire, it made sense to animate the firefighter and create a fully immersive scene.”

Click the play button below to see this idea in action:

In addition to creating a dramatic visual element for IDEX Fire & Safety and improving the user experience for anyone engaging with the advertising, the new landing page:

  • Leveraged an embedded brand video to quickly introduce IDEX Fire & Safety to visitors

  • Introduced product filters, creating an intuitive way for visitors to find the equipment they need and better understand which trusted brand builds each product

  • Optimized lead-generation opportunities by creating a top-of-page call to action to get in touch

“The team at Wray Ward created an interactive landing page that took our trade ad and turned it into an experience that allows people to explore the comprehensive solutions IDEX Fire & Safety offers,” said IDEX Fire & Safety Director of Marketing Bruce Johnston. “The level of creativity with the new site also speaks to our company’s position as an innovative leader by presenting our brand in a way that feels fresh and dynamic.

“Wray Ward really knocked this out of the park.”

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