So, what are you listening to?

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    September 26, 2018

So, what are you listening to?

Agency Life Creative Inspiration

As the proverbial new kid in class here at Wray Ward, my first month has involved familiarizing myself not only with our clients, but also my coworkers. While I find myself able to match names to faces with greater speed each day, there is still mystery to their interior worlds. During the day to day, our workplace is a sea of headphones, which begs the question: What are they listening to? So, join me as I pull back the curtain and discover what’s currently buzzing in the Wray Ward team’s ears.

David Adams, Design Director

Black Pistol Fire Radio Station

With two Apple earbuds barely visible between strands of brown hair, David is seated in the central hub of the Creative department. He opts for listening to artist stations rather than a personal playlist to help keep things fresh, meaning the streaming service generates suggested content based off your existing taste. “I guess if I had to describe it, it would be blues rock: some Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, sometimes pop stuff like Lily Allen. It’s a pretty wide variety.” I ask him how often he switches between stations, mostly as a barometer to determine his patience threshold for how much longer I might intrude on his schedule. “Well, I guess it depends on the day. Sometimes I’ll just let it play through, sometimes I’ll have to switch about every 30 minutes.” I thank him for sharing and offer to let him get back to work, but instead, he gestures with an earbud, inviting me to take a listen. David has a way of making you feel like he has the time to share even when he doesn’t, a trait I already admire in our work together.

Laura Edwards, Content Lead

John Murphy: Sunshine (Adagio in D Minor)

“In college, I would go to the library and I couldn’t listen to anything besides instrumental while studying,” she says. “I still can’t have anything with lyrics.” As a content lead and published author, Laura learned early on that no matter what she is writing, it is important to be able to hear her own inner voice. When working, she exclusively listens to playlists methodically composed of classical music or instrumental soundtracks to help her enhance her focus on the task at hand. “When I was writing my book, I would go through phases. The Hans Zimmer period is Chapter 4–7.” Aside from her work here at Wray Ward, Laura is a prolific runner, which requires a contrasting curation of upbeat tunes from bands like Coldplay, but to be more specific, she likes 2017 Coldplay, not 2003 Coldplay. This balance of classical discipline and compassionate vivacity is what allows Laura to create such masterfully composed works of her own. Take a listen, and remember, sometimes in life, there are simply no words.

Lewis Dameron, Motion Content Developer

99% Invisible: “Bundyville”

The Motion department uses headphones for tracking the videos they are editing, so you won’t often catch them listening to music. As for Lewis, a motion content developer, it is even more rare to catch him listening to a podcast. “My desk mate, Chris, will send me different podcast episodes, so I am trying to get more and more into it.” Lewis says he was motivated to start listening to podcasts after seeing a TED Talk by 99% Invisible’s host, Roman Mars. Our Motion department specializes in enriching our client’s brand through both audio and visuals, so new narrative formats can be a great source of honed-in inspiration.

Rachael Kilburn, Media Coordinator

LSD: Thunderclouds

Probably the most enthusiastic participant in this small-talk experiment was Rachael, who immediately was able to identify her song of the moment: “Thunderclouds.” “I heard this song this past weekend on a Samsung commercial, and I have been listening to it ever since. It’s an embarrassing amount, eight or nine times a day at least.” “Thunderclouds” is the premier release for the super group LSD, a name which comprises the first initials of its individual members: Labrinth, Sia and Diplo. Apparently, repetitive listening is not uncommon for Rachael. “I get the song and then I can’t stop playing it,” she admits. “My two best friends and I share a playlist on Spotify, so I also immediately added it so they could listen.” Since she’s a media coordinator, it makes sense that Rachael would be able to identify emerging trends in music and share them with an audience she knows will appreciate it. So, check out this track, and you can tell your friends you heard it here first.

Kennedy Vaughan, Project Manager

How I Built This Podcast: “Patagonia”

As a project manager, Kennedy says the How I Built This podcast series inspires her to remember the big picture. “Sometimes through your day to day, you can get bogged down by the details and forget to stop and appreciate the scope of what you’re doing.” In one of Kennedy’s favorite episodes, host Guy Raz shares his discussion with Yvon Chouinard, founder of the international brand Patagonia. Kennedy says she appreciates this successful creator for his advocacy for a work-life balance and notable support of women in the workplace. After taking a chance and pivoting her career from retail toward an agency role with a more strategic focus, Kennedy isn’t one to shy away from new challenges. Now, three years into her role here at Wray Ward, she continues to build a career of both style and substance through her excellent teamwork.

Our innovative work is made possible by a strong collection of individuals working together to uncover new ways of thinking. And as much as I have enjoyed getting to know what’s going on in my co-worker’s ears, it is proving even more enjoyable to learn what happens with them every passing day. Want to hear a bit more of what inspires each of us? Check out our Inspire video series, like this one about Senior Designer Dave Haire, who is a talented musician himself.

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