3 Questions with Performance Media Director Stuart Santos

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    Social Media, Programmatic

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    March 19, 2020

3 Questions with Performance Media Director Stuart Santos

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With the explosion of online targeting and expansion of customer tracking capabilities — from ads to online and offline purchases — a performance media approach connects all the figurative dots, making online marketing tactics work better and harder for brands.

I sat down with Wray Ward’s performance media director, Stuart Santos, to talk about how the discipline helps brand marketing plans achieve their goals.

1. What online marketing channels fall under performance media?

    At a tactical level, performance media encompasses all online marketing, emphasizing first-party, data-driven solutions as well as ongoing testing and optimization.

    At Wray Ward, we manage a full suite of online marketing channels for our clients and partners including the following:

    • Paid search
    • Programmatic media
    • Social media
    • Amazon
    • YouTube
    • Streaming TV
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Customer relationship management
    • Marketing automation
    • Retargeting
    • Search engine optimization

    2. How can a performance media approach take a brand to the next level?

    We support our clients in a variety of ways. Here are just a few examples of how performance media can help achieve your brand’s marketing goals.

    • Grow brand awareness by optimizing advertising spends to reach new and existing target audiences
    • Optimize creative in real time by testing creative messaging and content on the fly
    • Understand the impact of your efforts and progress toward eventual sales via full attribution reporting

    We’re strong believers in brand building and reputation management. Our goal is to help optimize and continue our clients’ conversations with new or returning customers as they flow through their purchase journey.

    The Performance Media team will most often engage as part of a multichannel paid media strategy and plan. We’re also equipped to effectively serve clients through independent, channel-specific campaigns as well as paid and organic search solutions.

    We work to change the conversation:

    • From “I believe” to “We know”
    • From “I think” to “We see”
    • From “I feel” to “Your customers are actually …”

    For example, we’re skilled at testing creative, messaging and content, as well as developing audience personas and targeting.

    We recently tested different audiences for a new smart home product, comparing “techy homeowner” to “property owner with younger kids” and “rental property owner.” Guess what? The latter two performed better, giving us a real-world view of the audiences that will drive sales for the client.

    For us, it’s all about continual testing and quick optimization. That’s why we love finding opportunities to optimize our clients’ return on ad spend (ROAS).

    Using performance media channels, we strive to create a competitive advantage through the ability to test, optimize and adjust tactics, such as:

    • Consumer messaging and product benefits: We can test different messages and product benefits to find out what really matters to our target audiences.
    • Audience segmentations with different affinities and interests: Via testing, we can uncover learnings based on online behavior.
    • Monitoring customers’ interest in speaking and buying directly with a brand: By monitoring “People also ask” data along with search operator options, instant search and menu bar selections (shopping, news, videos, etc.), we can stay on top of customers’ interests and trends.
    • Creative development and calls to action: We can run multiple ads with different calls to action while enabling automation to optimize accordingly.
    • Testing promotions quickly and efficiently: We can learn which offers resonate with which audiences and at what step along their purchase journey.
    • Brand reputation and market adjustments: Reviewing search terms and keyword listening enables brands to quickly and effectively react to customer needs and take advantage of market changes.

    3. Which character from “Game of Thrones” best embodies the Performance Media team and why?

    Hmm, let me think. I’m guessing “Bran the Broken” would be most representative of our team. His story of becoming the Three-Eyed Raven and gaining the insights and visibility across so many details — and history — was compelling to me. Moreover, as the Three-Eyed Raven, Bran became the keeper of all of Westeros’ stories and memories.

    Similarly, our Performance Media team logs ad and conversion history to help guide clients as we work together to plan and develop for the future. And although Bran didn’t particularly want to be king, he understood the importance of different views and an unbiased approach.

    Interested in learning how performance media strategies can boost your brand? Email me.

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