Wray Ward Inspire Series: Griffin Glaze

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    Creative, Inspiration

  • Date:

    November 11, 2019

Wray Ward Inspire Series: Griffin Glaze

Creative Inspiration

Meet Wray Ward’s Griffin Glaze, motion editor. Griffin, a fearless, talented designer and animator, earned acceptance into a program called Remote Year — an opportunity that intrigued her because she was interested to discover how a changing environment could inspire her creativity.

Griffin joined 50 strangers from all over the world to live as a digital nomad, working remotely in 10 different countries over 12 months. The experience forced her out of her comfort zone, but it also afforded her an increased curiosity about things and people around her. Hear how Griffin’s incredible experience inspired her creativity and fueled an unforgettable search for the answers to one question: “What if?”

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