First Person: How Wray Ward Fuels Curiosity and Creativity

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    July 29, 2021

First Person: How Wray Ward Fuels Curiosity and Creativity

Creative Inspiration

Imagine a career that not only fosters your passions, skills and talents, but also inspires you to discover new ones. That’s one sweet package, and at Wray Ward, it’s what we want for all of our team members.

For a shining example, meet Griffin Glaze, motion/design director. Griffin joined Wray Ward as a production designer with an amazing college portfolio and a natural eye for visual storytelling. But that wasn’t enough: When she realized she wanted to put her designs and thoughts in motion, Griffin transitioned to the agency’s Motion team, where she could learn animation and video editing.

Get to know Griffin and learn how she’s fueled her passion for design and motion through a mix of curiosity and creativity.

How did you get started in the creative marketing industry?

I went to Winthrop University for college, where I majored in graphic design. At first, I had no idea what I wanted to study, but my mom knew I loved working on the yearbook in high school, and she kind of nudged me toward design. From there, my knack for graphic design and my passion for learning how to better communicate visually took flight.

About a month after I graduated, I had the chance to join Wray Ward as a production designer. I immediately fell in love with the job, especially teaming up with the copywriters. I was also lucky to collaborate with more senior people at Wray Ward who mentored me and pushed me to develop my craft further through passion projects.

How did your early experiences at Wray Ward help lead to a career in animation?

A year and a half after joining the agency, I started to think: When I graduated, about a third of my portfolio was in video. And it was always an area that was interesting to me. I was especially drawn to the kind of work that our Motion team was doing at the time. They were creating interesting mini-series, following different designers and producing commercials, and I felt it would be a cool area to grow into. So, I asked for an internal move and began a new journey as a video content producer.

In those early days, I got to shoot, edit and help run audio. Meanwhile, I brought a graphic design approach to a lot of the work we were doing. I started to fall in love with the post-production side of things, such as taking a long interview and creating a story out of it or even helping a client break into animation.

Somewhere along the way, post-production became my forte. I already knew how to represent ideas through visual design, which helped me tell stories through video. From a series of profiles about real builders and their stories of craftsmanship, to an interactive journey that followed elite athletes as they chased their Olympic dreams, to the compelling, animated overview of a transformational program for girls, I’ve always loved telling a good story. My job gives me the opportunity to do that.

How does Wray Ward’s new office help fuel your creative process?

Some of the best ideas happen right in the moment. Having The Studio on-site at Wray Ward and being able to go to set right down the hall from our desks allows our teams to collaborate even more. And with the agency’s disciplines, from animation and design to content and public relations, so tightly connected, we’re able to work together to craft brand stories that transcend all media.

How does the agency allow its people to discover and grow their unique talents?

I’ve been at Wray Ward for eight years. In that time, the agency has always given me new paths to take, different areas to explore or different places to go. I saw a specialty we didn’t have, and when I pitched it, they were willing to invest in my idea and help grow it.

Later, when I felt like I needed to change my approach to creating, I forced myself out of my comfort zone. My leaders and mentors encouraged me to discover how a changing environment could affect my creativity as a designer and animator. And, after earning acceptance into a program called Remote Year, I did just that, working for Wray Ward in a different city, in a different part of the world, every month for 12 months.

Today, I work with a whole new perspective. The Remote Year experience took me to 17 different countries, fueling my natural curiosity and desire to create work that stands out and to answer a question we like to ask around here: “What if?”

Anytime there's an opportunity to take an idea and somehow bring it outside of yourself and express it in some way, I’m interested in learning how to do that and do it better, no matter the medium. My curiosity matches Wray Ward’s in that sense. The agency has always been supportive of curiosity, and it provides its people with opportunities that nurture creativity.

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